Yes. Vegan Filipino comfort food! What a time to be alive, yea? My name is Mary Dee and I'm a vegan Filipina who finally decided to share my food with the world. I have been blessed in this lifetime with a tribe of women who throw down in the kitchen. Forever grateful for my mother, aunties and Lolas (Tagalog for grandmother) for passing down original family recipes that were given to them from my ancestors, generation after generation. Traditional Filipino food culture relies heavily on all sorts of meat, and I am not exaggerating when I say no animal parts get wasted in most dishes. That being said, times are changing and every single day, more people are choosing a meatless diet! When my vegan journey began, I wanted to recreate all of the comforting Filipino staples I've learned to love since childhood - plant style - without having to sacrifice flavor. Got an O.G. uncle who thinks you're crazy for even speaking the words vegan and Filipino food in the same sentence? Send him my way too!

Thank you for reading. Your support along this journey is appreciated beyond words. 


Mary Dee